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Digital digest

1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Google maps. Snore. But wait, this is the coolest thing yet. Google’s new Street View application lets you see 360-degree views on real photographs taken at street level.

Check it out here. Only a few cities are done so far. Try taking a walk around Central Park from your desk. Jorge Borges wrote a story about an emperor who commissioned a cartographer to build the ultimate map. He got a 1:1 scale map that covered his entire empire. Thanks to Google we can start to see what such a map might look like.

2. Learn yoga with Kermit.

3. Twittervision lets you see who’s twittering where. Brilliant example of an API mash-up (ie bringing together code from Twitter and Google Maps). This is what happens when the web talks to itself using our data. Suddenly everything meshes together. This is the real importance of web 2.0. You can see my twitters here. And once you bring your twitters into facebook or a blog, everything starts to make even more sense.

4. Flickrvision does the same thing with photos.

5. T-Shirt junkies this is where to source the best and most original T-shirts.

6. Where print meets web. Claiming to be the world’s first virtual magazine (it’s not), v-zine is pretty snazzy nonetheless. Fashion, music, etc, etc. Roll over the bottom corner of the mag for a sneak preview.

7. To the true comic book fan, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ is a proper masterpiece. Let’s hope Warner Bros don’t botch up the Batman sequel – out next year. If the promotional web activity is anything to go by, we could be in for a treat. Visit the site then mouse click and scroll. Looks like the joker might be at work.

8. The Nike+ website’s just won a D&AD Black Pencil. If only all web design looked this good.

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