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What’s the time again?

If you ever needed to know the time, and wanted an interesting and different way to get this information, then check out Human Clock. With each passing minute of every single day, you can see a different image represnting the time. This could be people holding up a sign to license plates from cars. You are strongly encouraged to upload pictures to add to their database, but please don’t add anymore license plates as they have way too many already. You can also keep things going in a smaller window on your desktop by clicking ”gimme a cute window”.

This is the time right now….

15 am

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Looking to give away some money?

Just when we thought comparison sites were all about helping you choose the best mortgage, airline, gas supplier, ISP, all sorts of spin-offs are appearing. Charity Navigator is one of the latest to spring up and obviously it is all about helping you select charities to support. I think at its heart it’s a great idea, especially as it helps you make an informed decision AND most importantly, it is not for profit. So unlike the likes of uSwitch, it seemingly does not rank based on a pay per click business model or use black hat SEO techniques (which some are guilty of doing). That said, they have their own evaluation methodology that may or may not be considered fair and unbiased. Currently it is only really focusing on American charities, but that won’t be for long. Something to keep a check on…

National Zoo and Aquarium Month

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Mike Tyson wants to do Bollywood movies

Ever heard of Tailrank? It kind of works like Technoranki, but it concentrates on top news stories that are being discussed across the blogosphere and pulls them into one place, ranking them based on how much chatter they are receiving. What I love about this is kind of obvious- who has time to sift through the BBC? But better than that, I love the fact it ranks news stories not on what the BBC or CNN or Sky or any one of those conglomerates chooses, but rather on what people on the Web think is worthy of discussion. Clearly Tyson in tights…

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Why I love the London Olympics Logo

The 2012 London Olympics Logo backlash to the backlash starts here.

I can understand the parochial, narrow-minded, conservative, mainstream press taking a pop at this progressive, dynamic, flexible, brave, imaginative logo treatment. But what’s with all the designers having a go? This is a post-print logo. It works well online, it can hold any background, it’s perfect for animation, it’ll have amazing standout on signage, and it gives the London Olympics a really strong instant visual identity. Plus because it’s so adaptable it won’t tire, various executions can be used to appeal to different audiences, and it will only further the reputation of London as a creative hub. My guess is that after the initial slagging has died down, this logo will over time, come to be seen as something of a classic.

Sensible voices are already start to appear. Coudal partners make an incredibly strong argument for the logo as a superior piece of branding. So if you’re a creative type, stand against the tide of ill-informed opinion, and praise this work of real originality.

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