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Facebook research from Forrester

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The digital landscape – maps of the internet


Chris Harrison has created some maps of the internet using data from the Dimes Project. The map above shows the density of web connections (routers) around the world.


NB: Dimes is a distributed scientific research project, aimed to study the structure and topology of the Internet, with the help of a volunteer community (similar in spirit to projects such as SETI@Home).

The following map shows connections between european cities:


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Green social networking with google maps mash-up



Interesting site from the Australian Conservation Foundation. ‘Who On Earth Cares’ brings together Australians who want their country to reduce greenhouse emissions.

The site allows users to log their carbon output and monitor their reductions. Using a google maps mash-up users can also see who else in their neighbourhood is making an effort for the environment, and peek at the kinds of commitments people are making, such as:

  • Install a water efficient shower head
  • Set my washing machine to wash my clothes in cold water
  • Turn off computers and screens overnight at work and home
  • Eat one less serve of meat a week
  • Drive 20 kilometres less each week

The site also shows the impact these promises make, in the form of counter showing how personal efforts equate to cars taken off the road. When I last looked personal reductions added up to the equivalent of almost 11,000 cars disappearing from the road.

Source: Jax Rant blog

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Toyota World of Warcraft viral

Toyota reaching out to gamers in this nicely produced viral. Will it work, or will it piss off the warcraft community. Well, the video was uploaded to youtube 2 days ago and already has 432, 198 views.

So it seems it’s working. But, idea feels a little cheap. South Park had much more fun with warcraft and this Toyota viral doesn’t feel like the most original idea.

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