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IBM Green?

For blog action day I thought it might be worth pondering whether large corporates can make a difference?

One big brand that claims it’s doing its bit is IBM. They’ve launched a ‘retail green initiative‘ that argues Big Blue is striving to extend the life of POS tech (meaning equipment lasts longer before becoming obsolete and requiring replacement), educate retailers on more sustainable ways of doing business – eg by making a case for sustainable shipping policies and the use of recycled materials.

IBM announced in May that they’d be investing $1 billion in green technologies and services over the next decade.

A corporate PR job – or a real commitment to change?

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Do The Green Thing


Do The Green Thing is a great site that launched earlier this month, aiming to help as many people as possible to do something to help protect the environment.

There are already a whole host of sites around aiming to do the same thing. But, what makes this one really different is the way it addresses the whole issue in a fun way – and its beautifully crafted style (no surprise, given that one the people behind it is Naresh Ramchandani, formerly of advertising agency St Lukes).

There’s a vast amount of fun content (the videos in particular are fantastic) and to encourage you to keep on doing the green thing you can sign-up to receive regular videos with ideas of more green things to do.

(This post is part of Blog Action Day – 15,000 blogs of all shapes, sizes and specialisms uniting for one day by publishing posts about the environment)

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Wattson – supercool green gadget!


I’ve been wanting to post about this for a while, but waited until now because today is Blog Action Day – with some 15,000 blogs of all shapes, sizes and specialisms (including this one) uniting by publishing posts about the environment.

We all know that we shouldn’t leave our TV, DVD player, etc. on standby when they’re not needed because of the amazing amount of energy that is wasted. But, because you don’t see the impact of such simple actions it’s easy to forget.

Well, not any more. This wonderfully cool little gadget is a Wattson. Using a wireless transmitter attached to your electricity meter or fuse box, it shows you – in Pounds Sterling (or Euros, Dollars, or Yen) – exactly how much electricity your home is using at any time. Plus, to help remind you to do the right thing it also glows blue when you’re not using much electricity and flashes red when you’re using a lot.

It’s been voted one of the top ten green gadgets by The Guardian – and it’s on my Christmas list.

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