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How to do digital planning

After yesterday’s post on ‘how to do digital‘ (which focused on creative) I thought it worth mentioning another great blog post from Ian Tait on ‘how to do digital planning’.

What makes the post particularly compelling is that Ian doesn’t try to provide a simple answer to a really complex question, rather he just lists (and elaborates a little) on the skills a digital planner should possess.

I think his approach is really useful for helping traditional planners think about how they might expand their knowledge base and develop a route map towards becoming more digital.

By the way Ian’s a creative planner (and by the way creatives, you should expect to hear a lot more about these) at Poke – who has just won FWA‘s site of month award for their excellent Orange Unlimited microsite.

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How to do digital

Great post at scamp from James Cooper (creative director at Dare). In summary, James gives some useful (and amusing) hints on how traditional creatives should approach digital.

James doesn’t pull any punches – which is good. Maybe he feels free to be so straight, because he’s off to work at Another Anomaly in New York.

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Make your own widget

Widgetbox homepage

Who needs to know how to code? More and more cool web apps are taking the grind out of digital development.

Widgetbox is a great site that let’s you create facebook apps and widgets. Here’s a blog widget that lets you put this blog on your facebook page, myspace page, blogger, netvibes, piczo, etc.

And here’s one for Bryan Miller’s blog – givinginadigitalworld.

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DigiTELL – a view into the digital future

DigiTELL poster

We’re launching our first creative DigiTELL event on the 5th December 2007. Open to all Rapp Collins staff (but with a focus on creative), the event aims to provide a glimpse into the future of digital marketing. The two guest speakers are from a couple of the industry’s leading innovators, YDreams and Contagious magazine.

If you’re a WWAV Rapp Collins employee the event’s taking place in Westminster 1&2 from 11am-1pm. Hopefully see you there.

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Worth turning your ad blocker off for…

 Apple have been running a really cheeky campaign on the CNET windows vista page.

If, like me you can’t view it at work, watch the ad on youtube link above. And turn your sound on.

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BBH recruitment campaign



Nice work from ad agency BBH. Viral graduate recruitment campaign launched through Youtube. Thanks to Chris Coulson for link.

Any interested grads can apply to bbh here. Edit: whoops, sorry deadline for entry expired on Monday 12th Nov. They’d had to extend it already due to huge volumes of traffic.

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Own the club, pick the team – UPDATE

Back in June we wrote about a clever idea that applied the wisdom of crowds idea to a football club. To recap, the idea is that thousands of football fans band together and buy a football club, each person is part owner of the club. Using the internet each person will be able to vote for team selection, formation, substitutions and discuss tactics and player transfers.

The update is that MyFootballClub has actually bought a conference team – Ebbsfleet United. It’s going to be fascinating to see how the idea actually works in practice.

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Why experience is everything


If, as many commentators now are suggesting, the ‘age of communication’ is rapdily being replaced by the ‘age of experience’, then it’s important we all understand exactly what we mean by experience. Peter Meholz of experience design agency Adaptive Path has recently posted a really useful presentation on this subject.

You can view and listen to “The Experience Is The Product” on slideshare. The presentation is quite long, but is definitely worth enjoying in full (especially if you’re a planner). Peter explains why experience is everything, the branding, the marketing, and how often our approaches to design screw this up.

Thanks to Experience Curve and John Winsor (cultural radar operator at Crispin Porter + Bogusky – what a neat job title) for pointing me towards the presentation.

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Marketing insight – excellent Seth Goddin interview

Seth Goddin is a world-respected marketing guru. The many times published author recently gave an interview to TalentZoo in which he reviews some of the challenges and opportunities faced by modern CMOs.

Listen here.

Or read a brief synopsis on the interviewer’s blog.

The entire interview is packed with amazing insights. It’s well worth a listen, especially for his deconstruction of the current ad agency model and why it’s tough for that model to serve the current needs of clients. Ie stop selling ads and start helping business to create new products and services.

Seth’s blog is also well-worth checking out.

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High Noon – High Tech CGI Mayhem

Is nothing sacred. Very amusing, amazingly well-crafted video remix of the shoot-out scene from classic western High Noon. Think lasers, deflector shields, transportation, etc. Somebody has shown this a lot of love.

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