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Facebook makes e-commerce play


Facebook have just started running a trial to allow users to purchase real gifts from four partners at the moment, but I’m sure they’ll soon be expanding this globally.

Virtual gifts have been around for a long while now, but the ability to send friends real gifts marks a whole new game-changing step. Added to that last years change from buying gifts with dollars to buying gifts with Facebook credits, and the Facebook Connect functionality, and suddenly Facebook looks like it’s setting it’s sights on becoming a socially enabled  e-commerce powerhouse.

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How does the Internet see you?

Personas is part of an exhibition at the MIT Museum. It uses natural language processing to reveal a picture of your aggregated online identity.

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Bye bye big media buy

Thanks to Giles and his great blog for the heads up on this video – ‘The year media died’ to the tune of ‘American Pie’.

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Homeless world cup – pass the ball

Very good cause. Homeless world cup needs your support. Please share this video and if you can make a small donation. I had no idea there was such a thing as the homeless world cup – what a great idea.

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Why are we called RAPP? Paul Price speaks

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Is the twitter tide turning?

Sponsored tweets

I love twitter. It’s where I get my news. It’s where I stay on top of innovation in my industry. It’s where I find case studies and great pieces of creative. I use it to find influencers and track conversations. It’s a great tool. I even used it recently to succesfully source two Lovebox tickets an hour before the sold out event.

But there’s been a few things happening on twitter recently that have started to take the shine off. The first is ‘porn/dating site’ followers: all these fake followers who simply want to drive clicks to porn and dating sites, etc. I get followed by about four of these leeches every day. Blocking them is annoying – I’m busy enough already.

Fake follower

Then there’s all the z-list brands trying to game trending topics. I’m fed up of searching a trending topic only to find dozens of tweets full of all that day’s trending topic hashtags mashed together like “#gijoe #ladygaga #iranelection #obamahealthcare #bestdressedguy #AT&T at“. Stop it already. That link (not from a real spammer) by the way is to a really nice data visualisation.

Now even worse are the sponsored tweet brigade. A new industry of start-ups offering cash in return for branded tweets – apparently paying $35 dollars a tweet if you have 10,000 followers. How soon before we’re deluged by tweets from ‘followers’ prepared to send all kinds of irrelevant 140 character branded messages in return for a fistfull of dollars.

Obviously this was all going to happen eventually. And obviously there’s going to be worse still to come: possibly even supported by Twitter itself as the business tries to monetise its service. It’s depressing nonetheless, no? Who wants to be part of a real-time spam conversation, who wants real-time spam search, who wants real-time spam trending topics?

So, here’s my plea to twitter, find a way to stop the rot before it starts alienating your users. Limit #hashtags to one per tweet. Block the IP’s of spam twitterers. Do something. Anything. I don’t want to be invited to do unspeakable things to fake followers anymore.

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My blog got nicked

Apologies for the long absence. I won’t go into the boring details but there was a tedious dispute over domain name ownership that’s dragged on for a couple of months. Countless legal letters later and woo-hoo I get my blog url back. To make up for the absence I’ll try to acitvely post many interesting things over the next few weeks.

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