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Blue Peter ‘Send a Smile’ Appeal

Picture 4Some projects are an absolute delight to work on. Our send a smile campaign for the Operation Smile charity is one such wonderfully inspiring project.

Operation Smile funds medical treatment for children in developing countries who suffer from cleft lips and cleft palates.This is a condition that really blights young children’s lives, destroying their confidence and often meaning they can’t speak properly, don’t attend school, and often can’t even smile.

Earlier this year Operation Smile approached Rapp and asked us to help them develop a campaign that would persuade the BBC to base their famous annual Blue Peter Appeal around Operation Smile’s work.

We developed the ‘Send a Smile’ idea and proposed that Blue Peter encourage the UK’s schoolchildren to make surgical gowns out of their own clothes. Each gown would save Operation Smile £3 which would go towards funding more operations.

Blue Peter loved our idea and this week (Wednesday 21st November) they dedicated an entire programme to the launch of the appeal (you can watch it here in iPlayer – warning: this link will expire in a couple of weeks). That’s 25 minutes of prime time exposure for the charity brand. It’s almost impossible to put a value on that kind of media exposure.

As part of the campaign we’ve also mailed schools across the UK and developed an education pack which thousands of teachers are now using in classrooms, while also encouraging their pupils to support the charity by making gowns.

Hopefully all this great work will lead to many children undergoing the medical procedure which will transform their lives.

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